• There are 4 field players and a goal keeper (GK) on the court at all times
  • No offside rule
  • 25 minute halves for league play. Tournaments may vary
  • 3 minutes for halftime
  • Goalkeeper is allowed one possession, the ball must cross the midfield line or be touched by a player from the opposing team to allow the goalkeeper to receive the ball again in the defensive half of the court
  • Goalkeeper can only handle the ball (by feet or hands) for 4 seconds in their own half If they are in opponents half, they have no time-possession restriction
  • One 60-second timeout per team, per half
  • Substitutions are made “on the fly”. Players entering and exiting the field of play must be within 5 yards of one another when substitution is made at the endline or sideline in teams defensive half
  • During all kick restarts, opposing team MUST give 5 yards of space until ball is in play
  • No punting is allowed. If the goalkeeper saves the ball in live play, the ball must touch the floor and then be played with the foot (half-volley)


  • There are no throw-ins. Ball must be kicked back into play
  • Ball must be stopped by hand or foot on the line to be restarted, otherwise it is a foul restart and possession is awarded to other team
  • Team given possession has 4 seconds to kick the ball back into play. Defense must give 5 yards. If the defense is within 5 yards, the 4 second count will begin once the referee is satisfied by the distance
  • The referee will give a visual count with his hand of the 4 second count
  • Goals cannot be scored from kick-ins
  • If the ball hits the ceiling or netting it is deemed out of bounds, the ball restarts from the sideline with a kick-in


  • The goalie is not allowed to kick it back into play, the goalie must throw or roll the ball within 4 seconds of retrieving it to put it back into play
  • The ball cannot be touched until it has crossed the penalty area
  • Opposing team is not allowed in the penalty area during a clearance
  • If opposing players touches ball before it leaves penalty area, GK retakes the throw
  • The GK cannot touch ball again until another player touches it from the opposing team (U14+)
  • For corner kicks, goals cannot be scored directly from kick-ins. If the ball is kicked directly into the goal without touching another player, the ball is out of play as it would be for a goal kick or corner kick


  • Slide tackles​ are not allowed. Automatic yellow card will be shown on first offense. A second yellow card will be shown on players second offense, resulting in a RED CARD
  • The only exception to sliding, is if the goalie attempts to clear the ball out of the penalty area. Also, a player can slide when there is no opponent close by. This usually occurs when a player is attempting to save a ball from going out of bounds
  • These will be judgement calls by the official
  • Upon a team’s 6th accumulated foul in each half, penalty kicks will be awarded to the Team from the second spot


  • A player that receives a Yellow Card caution must exit the field of play and sit out of the game for 2-minutes before until the referee signals the 2-minute penalty has been served
  • A substitution can be made for Yellow Card cautions, the game remains 5v5
  • A player that receives a second Yellow Card caution resulting in a Red Card ejection must sit out for the remainder of the game
  • A substitution can be made for the player receiving a second Yellow Card Ejection only after the 2-minute penalty has been served. If the opposing team scores during the 2-minute penalty, the penalty is released. Only eligible players are allowed to enter the game
  • A player that receives a direct Red Card Ejection must leave the field and the team must play down a player for the remainder of the game
  • Red Cards require the ejected player to sit out the remainder of the game from which the Red Card was received. The ejected player must also serve a one game suspension in the next scheduled game of the tournament


Any player, coach or spectator that engages in abusive behavior will be required to exit the facility immediately. Further action for abusive behavior may be taken against party/parties involved.


All adult players are required to have a league membership and player I.D. card in order to participate in league games. Youth players are allowed to play “up” in age group. Youth players cannot participate in league games below their birth year age group.


  • The maximum number of players allowed on a roster is 12 players per team
  • If you wish to add a player and the roster has 12 players registered, you must drop a player to include the new player
  • Rosters must be updated to include all participating players each game week
  • Rosters must be finalized by the end of game week 6
  • After game week 6, no roster changes or updates are allowed
  • Over 40 league rosters allow two under 40, over 38 years of age players to participate on a team


All team registration fees must be paid in full by game week 5. Any team with an outstanding balance at the end of game week 5 will be removed from the schedule. If the outstanding balance is not paid in full before the next scheduled game, a forfeit will be recorded for game week 6 and every game after until the balance is paid in full.