COVID-19 Protocols & Best Practices

Updated 9.23.20
At the Kinecta Soccer Center, powered by the LA Galaxy, our primary concern is the health and safety of our customers, staff, and all their families. As we reopen the Soccer Center, we are taking all possible measures to protect everyone who enters the facility. Please see below new protocols and best practices to facilitate that social distancing is followed, and the facility remains clean and safe:

New Facility Protocols
The following protocols will be implemented at the facility:

  • Kinecta Soccer Center, powered by the LA Galaxy, strictly adheres to all CDC, California State, and Los Angeles County Health Department guidelines and mandates
  • Dedicated cleaning crew continuously disinfects locker rooms, player benches, rest rooms, and common areas with new Electrostatic Foggers containing virus-killing Botanical Disinfectant Solution
  • Additional hand sanitizer stations have been placed throughout the facility and are continuously refilled
  • Facility square footage is sufficient to allow social distancing
  • Food and beverage service is suspended
  • Water fountains are closed
  • Increased ventilation and dehumidification settings in the facility

Arrival and Departures
The following protocols will be implemented for arrivals and departures:

  • All players and guardians are always required to wear cloth face coverings while inside the facility, except during water breaks or while eating. The Guardian and players will not be allowed on the premise without a mask.
  • Players are required to have their temperature taken upon entering the facility

Any player who has any new or worsening signs or symptoms of possible COVID-19 upon screening will be sent home.

  • There will be designated locations for both entry and exit.
    • All players will enter through the Main Entrance doors off Maple Ave. DO NOT exit through this door regardless of which field your activity is on.
    • All players participating in activities on the Cobi Jones field or the TOCA studios or SBTT will exit through the East exit (behind building).
    • All players participating in activities on the main futsal and turf fields will exit through the West exit (front parking lot).
  • There will be physical guides, such as spots or tape, to ensure that staff and players will remain at least six (6) feet apart in lines and at other times with additional signage to direct traffic flow
  • Other than the temperature check, no contact will be made closer than six (6) feet apart.
  • One guardian per player is permitted to watch programming. There will be designated seating areas to maintain social distancing, that Guardians will be instructed to abide by.

Physical Activity at the Facility
The following protocols will be implemented for all physical activity throughout the facility:

  • Players will be pre-assigned to a group of no more than 10 players. Each group of 10 will have one Coach (at minimum).
  • Players will remain in the same group for the duration of their activity.
  • All Coach led soccer activities will comply with appropriate social distancing.
  • Players are required to wear cloth face coverings while taking part in physical activity.
  • There will be no water stations at the facility. Please send your player with enough water to get through their event.
  • Coaching staff will ensure all equipment is cleaned and properly sanitized after the conclusion of each class/training/rental.
  • Hugs, handshakes, and high fives will not be allowed at any event in the facility. The Soccer Center encourages the use of non-contact recognition that meet social distancing guidelines of six (6) feet or greater.
  • There will be hand sanitizing stations throughout the facility.

Facility Staff
All Kinecta Soccer Center, powered by the LA Galaxy, staff will:

  • Complete a “Covid-19 Protocol Training” prior to first day of work.
  • Complete a temperature check and additional symptom checks prior to entering the facility each day. Any staff member experiencing signs or symptoms of possible COVID-19 will be sent home.
  • Wear a cloth face covering and gloves for use during symptom screening/temperature checks and other appropriate times while at the facility.
  • Maintain at least a six (6) feet distance from visitors and from each other in all areas of the facility. In case of an emergency, staff members will momentarily come closer as necessary to assist players, or as otherwise necessary.
  • Support players and guardians in their decisions, including anyone choosing to not return to play. 

Players and Guardians

  • If you do not feel comfortable sending your child to the facility, please keep them home. We respect your decision and do not want to put any pressure on your family.
  • Although we will be conducting temperature checks before every class/training/rental, please check your player’s temperature at home before departing for the facility. Any player with a temperature above 100.4 must stay home. If your player is not feeling well or is displaying symptoms of fatigue or a cough, please stay home.
  • Ensure your player is ready for the day: Does your player have their mask to wear while in the facility? Do they have their own water bottle?
  • One Guardian can stay and watch programming. We ask you follow all protocols in place to keep you and everyone at the facility safe.

As Covid-19 is a fluid situation and guidelines may change, these protocols and best practices are subject to change by the Kinecta Soccer Center, powered by the LA Galaxy, at any time at the sole discretion of management in order to maximize customer and employee safety.